Telework : what the Covid-19 crisis has taught us

It has been talked about for years, but it has been slow to take hold: despite an undeniable progression within companies telework was not evident, and even less a priority. Until the Covid-19 crisis turned everything upside down.

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Digital banking

Successful digital transformation of banks: a question of mindset!

Digital transformation of banks. Words that sound so obvious, and almost like a vital need in 2020. Words that seem to have the power to solve everything in our ever-changing world. In the light of falling interest rates and declining margins, in the face of the current crisis and the economic context, which continue to cause concern, in the face of new players emerging and claiming their slice of the pie: it’s time to transform yourselves.

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Why management consulting needs to be reinvented

As Nicolas Pinglot sees it, the management consulting sector needs to take a fresh look at its old habits and change three key things: resources, attitude and corporate culture. Read his article to learn more!

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Conduite du changement

Cultivating Well-being Through Change Management

A transformation project within an organization generally has 10% allies, 10% refractory and 80% hesitant to convince. The stakes are high. How does a particular ability to dialogue facilitate the management of change?

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The Zenith Project: A Driver of Human Transformation

A coastal factory specializing in the aeronautical industry launched the Zenith Project to accelerate the transformation of its organization. The site was also the scene of another transformation, much less expected … A real human transformation.


Making your business agile: the issues of in-depth transformation

Agile, agile method, agility … you hear that all the time. And that has nothing to do with a skill useful for your yoga postures. It’s a new way of working in business. A new way of thinking, even. And if you hear so much about it, it’s because there are quite a few benefits to this methodology. Back on the concept, its advantages, and how to implement it in a concrete way in your business.

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The Problem-Solving Power of Disruption

His approach ? Giving, through collective emulation and its participative approach, the confidence necessary for a company to meet its own challenges. Engage employees in solving problems that concern them, to bring out a tailor-made solution. A solution to which it will be easier to adhere that it will have been matured collectively by the staff.

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