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Réunion de travail dans une banque

The banking sector is going through major challenges: strong regulation, new competition coming from fintechs, digitalisation, increased customer expectations and low rates leading to uncertainty and reduced profitability. Retail banks have to re-size their networks according to new customer behaviours and competition, optimise their operations and revise their pricing and cost policies.

The leaders of their markets have transformed these challenges into opportunities to re-think their business model, re-invent customer journeys and optimise their cost base.

At Spirit Advisors, we support banks to optimise their business, change their organisation, implement new customer experiences and become more agile to face the next transformation.


Chaîne de montage dans l'industrie automobile

Manufacturing of all sorts have for decades been working under constant pressure to do more, faster, and cheaper while increasing quality, increasing the degree of customer specification, and reducing inventory of both parts and finished goods.

Companies respond to these challenges through mergers and acquisitions and site optimisations. Despite these numerous initiatives, some still have significant untapped potential in their manufacturing operations.

We at Spirit Advisors support companies to release this potential. We work together with shop floor, supply chain, R&D and support functions to optimise processes and implement new systems that embed a culture of continuous improvement. While using Lean and Six Sigma extensively, we are methodology agnostics. We believe in choosing the solution to a problem that brings the highest value to our customers.

Insurance companies continue their metamorphosis adapting to the significant changes in regulation, technology and customer behaviours. IoT formerly understood as Internet of Things is now becoming ‘Intelligence of Things’, feeding new offerings and triggering new behaviours. Digitalisation, Robotic Process Automation and AI are significantly improving customer experience for insurance claims. Data and Machine Learning are major breakthroughs for actuarial models: preventing risks is becoming a reality.

Major insurance companies continue to develop their agility and customer focus and pursue investments into Assurtech to boost innovation and accelerate adaptation.

At Spirit Advisors, we help Insurance Companies to accelerate their transformation. Defining relevant scopes for automation and AI, reshaping new ways of working and embedding them into the culture.


Conseillère téléphonique d'une société de services souriante

Over recent years service providers have seen some dramatic changes. The opening up of markets has introduced new players, keen to challenge the incumbents and take market shares.

Market leaders develop their ability to deliver large investment programs on time and in full, adapt their industrial footprint and develop new partnerships. They have to finalise their transition to “industrial models”, harmonise and industrialise their processes, reduce and optimise costs while improving service. Innovation and marketing organisations must prove they are able to quickly adapt and change the market focus, contribute to cost reduction and increase creativity.

We at Spirit Advisors support companies to redesign the way they deliver services in order to reduce cost and to enhance the quality of delivery. We provide expertise in complex, multi-site, multi-cultural programmes.




Flags from multiple different countries fluttering in the wind

Many companies have felt the need to think multiculturally in their development, both internally as they need to integrate employees from different cultural backgrounds and externally as they seek to serve new and foreign markets.

At Spirit Advisors we not only see the ability to integrate clients and colleagues from different cultures as a necessity, we see it as a distinct advantage. We will often deploy teams from different national, educational and cultural backgrounds, and we relish working with foreign clients because it gives us the best conditions to challenge our perceived truths, learn and develop.

Together with our clients, Spirit Advisors daily face complex issues and the ability to see a problem from  different perspectives, which only a multicultural team can, allows us to come up with better and more creative solutions.


Operational excellence is about delivering the highest added value to the client and getting the best from your organisation: a better quality, shorter lead-times, at lower costs.

Coming from the manufacturing industry and based on Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence today spreads widely in services, administrative functions and finance sectors.

Operational excellence is the core skill set of all Spirit consultants, whatever their specialisation. Combining technical skills and people focus, our seasoned professionals have the required background to design tailor made approaches, fitting the company culture.


In a changing economic environment, the ability to move fast has become a key differentiator in all industries. Business leaders succeed in bringing strategic thinking much closer to the conditions of its execution.

Transforming a strategy into actionable plans, shaping ambitious business cases and defining meaningful roadmaps are critical to successfully implement overall strategy.

At Spirit Advisors, we engage operational teams and senior executives, combining industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and deep understanding of the field operations to enable confident transformation plans, faster and with greater impact.


Digital Transformation has become a key priority in all industries affecting the relationship with customers as well as the whole internal value chain.

Offers, products, customer experience, time to market, internal tools but also the organisation and the strategy of the companies have to be reconsidered.

At Spirit Advisors, we help companies to build their digital roadmap, implement the required solutions and develop a digital culture to anticipate the future breakthroughs and their strategic, operational and human impacts on Distribution / Channels strategy, Multichannel organisation, Social Networks, Internal tools and IT Infrastructure, Agile methodologies and Behavioural changes.


Companies are constantly revamping their models and organisations to adapt: engaging teams and providing meaning to the “latest transformation project” becomes a real challenge.

At Spirit Advisors, a “smart” organisational model is not enough, we focus on how quickly and securely teams and individuals will adopt it. Our experience in working closely and collaboratively with operational teams provides pragmatic and holistic solutions.  Seasoned Spirit consultants bring unparalleled positive energy and facilitation skills to create the cohesion between entities and hierarchical levels. Our strong change management capabilities and implementation skills ensure that operational performance and motivation continue during and after an organisational transformation.


Each year, the imbalance between supply and demand costs companies billions of dollars in out-of-stocks, excess inventory and excessive discounting. Promotions, new product introductions, packaging changes and changing demand patterns can all wreak havoc on the demand and supply planning process. Supply chain is a typical cross functional process, hence alignment of sales, procurement, operations and logistics is essential to the performance delivered.

For Spirit Advisors, the challenge is not only technical: beyond the tools and methods, focusing on behaviours and collaboration defines success.

Focusing first on Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Spirit Advisors delivers foundations for a resilient supply chain, supported by constructive collective behaviours and a better understanding of business stakes.