Our community of expert consultants

Community model

The Consulting world needs drastic change as well !

  • The world of work has changed. Consultants are tired of the rigidity of large firms and the limitations of small boutiques: they want to choose missions and themes according to their interests and to be masters of their time. Talented consultants choose (earlier and earlier) to start their own business.
  • For the Spirit partners, attention to people supersedes the nature of contractual frameworks: we adapt to several configurations. Recognising individuals and their unique aspirations is key for building long lasting relationships. We built the InSpirit model – which unites Independent Consultants, Employees and Partners – by combining the best of their respective worlds:
    • Respect for the independence of our consultants is paramount. Minimal constraints but a charter sets the rules within the community.
    • Fair and transparent remuneration rules to foster the right mindset and behaviours within the community.
    • Free access to common assets (knowledge, training, network, tools …), we cultivate the feeling of belonging to a community.
    • Community members are the architects of our core assets: methodologies, knowledge capture, business development.

Years of relationship of InSpirit® members with the Spirit Advisors Partners

Graphic showing the promotion model within the InSpirit community

Our community model is robust and relies on few key principles:

  • SHARED VALUES: New InSpirit community members have to be introduced by either existing members or clients, thus preserving our common DNA and shared values. We organise regular events to foster culture and strengthen quality of relationships within InSpirit.
  • LABEL and CHARTER: All consultants go through a certification process to obtain the InSpirit label: requirement to apply is completion of a successful project experience within a Spirit project team. The new member commits to the InSpirit charter which determines the reciprocal rights and duties within the community.
  • PRO-ACTIVITY: The level of engagement of community members defines access to differentiated privileges. The purpose is to create preference for Spirit and build loyalty on a longer term.
  • PERSPECTIVES: Truly focused on contribution and talent management, we offer responsibilities within the community for all consultants, regardless of their professional status (employee or freelance).